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Is it Summer Yet?

Is it Summer Yet?


Givenchy Antigona | Similar Sandals ( mine are from their collab with J.Crew)| Dress | Sunglasses

Let me start off by apologizing. This off the shoulder trend completely owns me. I'm not apologizing for liking it, rather I'm apologizing for being another one of many to showcase this look. Let me tell you why I love it, and you should to.

  1. The cut is so flattering.
  2. Something about showing off the collarbone makes me feel so delicate and feminine.
  3. It shows just the right amount of skin.

Zara has an amazing selection of off the shoulder looks this season; do yourself a favor and head over there. This little number was deliciously light and flowy and was reminiscent of a playsuit.

I added a Madewell bandana to my purse  and a HermΓ¨s twilly to my hair to spice it up.

The red, white, and blue combination is undoubtedly one of my favorites. Clearly I love July 4th. Maybe just summer in general. I have exactly 1 week until I can park myself on the beach without remorse.

More to come.



Photos by the lovely Carson

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