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I am officially done with the semester!

Thank goodness. One more semester and I will be done-zo. The panic and excitement is real. 

But seriously, I've felt immense guilt on neglecting le blog due to finals and life. I feel like I'm always making excuses, but life is hard guys. I will be trecking back up to the big apple for another fantastic, working summer. Going to try to shoot some more mellow, street-lookesque stuff for you all.

Onto the outfit.

1. The shoes : are oldies but goodies and can be found on sale in black here, or on the RealReal or any other lux pre-owned site. They're called the Claudie. Super comfy, ballsy, and chic. Basically my personality in a shoe. These Christian Louboutin platform mules are also yummy.

2. The skirt: is from one of my favorite designers, Maje. Naturally, this one is sold out as well, but here it is in another pattern and equally cute. It's actually a skort. How amazing is that word & the garment itself??

3. The shirt: is just a Theory blouse. I am obsessed with Theory blouses, because how could you not be? My Theory blouses are my babies and I have worn them all to death. Theory has a flash sale for the next 3 days!! Stock up!

4.The purse: is a wardrobe staple for me. I've linked it a million times because I've worn it a million times. You all know my obsession with mini bags. Perfect for small chicks like me.






Spring Lust List!

Spring Lust List!