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Barefoot & Blue Jeans

Barefoot & Blue Jeans

Happy July!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts. I started classes and was in the Bahamas; excuses, excuses. 


As soon as I get home, my shoes come off. I think it's probably because I live so close to the beach. Ever since I was little I could be found gallivanting around my neighborhood barefoot; it's how I'm most comfortable. So I thought it would be fitting to go sans shoes for this post.  

Almost as natural and comfortable as being barefoot is the combination of white and denim. It's my go- to and can always be counted on to create a fresh/ crisp look. 

The Deats

The Shorts: These babies are not called the Wedgie Shorts for nothing. At times, they do indeed "wedge" into unfortunate places. Alas, the bleavage(butt cleavage- a term I may or may not have coined) is a force to be reckoned with. See for yourself. $20 says you'll have them in your cart within the hour.

The Blouse: I love local boutiques. It helps appease my desire to find unique pieces, plus I like to support small businesses. Luckily for me there are a ton of awesome boutiques in Miami. I discovered  Ohm Boutique randomly one day post grocery shopping. Don't let the name deceive you, they have some pretty wild pieces. P.S. their online store is pretty swaggy.

The Jewels: Chunky bracelets are too fun. I found a lovely Etsy shop by the name of Lo Tide Jewelry . The acai beaded bracelets are my fave! The designer is super adorable and local to South Florida.

The Sunnies: I'm a sucker for ridiculous sunglasses that I purchase knowing my boyfriend will hate them. Admittedly, I think Tom hating them makes me want to wear/ buy them more often. These cat-eye babes were $50. You can't beat it.



Recipe Appropriation: Banana Split Ice Box Cake

Recipe Appropriation: Banana Split Ice Box Cake

That's a Wrap

That's a Wrap