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10 Things in My Cart

10 Things in My Cart

10 Things in My Cart

1.Head Scarf  2.Star Earrings 3.The Nest 4.White Throw 5.Flatform Espadrilles 6.Citronella Candle 7.Sunglasses 8.AG Pants 9.Horn Necklace 10.Glow Pads

Happiest of fridays to you my dears! Next week is finals week, so naturally I've spent most of my time online shopping. Funny how that happens...

Summer is dangling in front of me, barely out of reach and the anticipation is killing me. Not only does summer start this coming week, SunFest does as well. Expect some relaxed festival looks soon.

Let's chat about these goodies.

1.The Scarf: I've always loved scarfs. They add the perfect pop, and they give a polished finish to your look- even if that's cutoffs and a tee. Per usual, I'm grabbing inspo from Jackie Kennedy, and in particular this dime of a photo:


2.The Earrings: There's something so simple and crisp about little gold earrings.

3.The Book: This is going to be my first summer read, without a doubt. I've heard a lot of good things about this book and I will keep you guys updated.

 4.The Blanket: Pom Poms. This is arguably the most exciting trend this season. Loving this subdued take on the look.

5.The Flatforms: Superegs and I go way back; I've rocked them since kindergarten. I wish my darling mother would have saved my oldest pair, because I think it would be simply adorable. Anyways, I've always been a giant fan of flatforms, so when Superga jumped on the bandwagon I was happy. I got even happier when they jumped on the espadrille, flatform bandwagon. Seriously, look at baby Supergas:


6.The Candle: Bugs in Florida are a serious problem. Especially in the summer. By August, I am covered head to toe in lovely red splotches. The only ways to combat this multi-century long issue is bug spray or citronella candles. While I'm still trying to find a good bug spray, I have found this great candle. Definitely stocking up on these bad boys for the coming months.

7.The Glasses: I love big, round glasses. A few years back I picked up a pair of bright red Gucci round frames, and I still love them. These beauts are a few seasons old, but I'm thinking about getting them for there 70s vibe. Look how amazing this ad is:


 8.The Pants: These are my favorite. I'm pretty sure most people are aware of these buttery-soft wonders, but if you are not, do yourself a favor and try them on. They have endless amounts of colors and even several fits. These will be my go to pants for work this summer. I'm telling ya.

9.The Necklace: Peruvian opal is stunning. Would love any excuse to add this beauty to my collection.

10.The Tan: I'm constantly in the sun. That being said, I always have an absurd amount of sunblock on my face. I have a history of skin cancer in my family, so I'm always extra cautious. Since ideally my face and body would match, I use a self-tanner on my face. It seems odd, but I can assure you it is not. I've been using Dr. Gross' tanner for years and I love it. It comes in handy little wipes pre-packaged and it's a two step process. First you wipe your face down with an exfoliating pad, then you use the tanning pad. It adds a healthy glow and I would highly recommend it.

Much love,


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